Mongabay’s What-To-Watch list for May 2021

As we head into a new month, we’ve compiled a watchlist from our top videos in the last month. We continued our environment and conservation coverage from around the world with stories from Brazil, Indonesia, and the US. We also took a look at global trends in ocean conservation and protecting planetary boundaries. No Netflix, Disney+ or Prime subscriptions required to watch these.  Around one third of Brazil’s Indigenous population lives in cities. In video interviews with Mongabay, members of different communities shared their experiences. Many said they faced regular disbelief from other city-dwellers, who think of Indigenous people as only living in rural villages. “Sometimes, people don’t believe we’re real Indigenous. They want to see naked Indigenous,” Sônia Ara Mirim, who lives in São Paulo, told Mongabay. From Indonesia, we focused on mangroves and fisheries near the Java Sea. Plastic pollution and overfishing threaten these fragile ecosystems and researchers called for the region to be developed into a marine protected area. In our ongoing animal coverage, we met the reptile most vulnerable to sea level rise: the Florida reef gecko. These dwarf geckos live along Florida’s coastline, which is rapidly disappearing underwater. We also met the northern tamandua, a medium-sized anteater, and warthogs in our latest episodes of Candid Animal Cam. This month we reached a major milestone in the series, with 50 episodes focused on 50 different species. Each episode has also been published in Spanish on our Mongabay Latam channel.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to make…This article was originally published on Mongabay

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